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  • Designed specifically for Genesis Bows
  • Fully lined with foam. No need for hold down straps
  • Durable and impact resistant
  • Available in 10 brilliant colors
  • Made in the USA

This case is 3 1/2" wide. Hunting bows and bows with sights attached will not fit in this case.

Swirl cases vary in color (Similar to Tie-Dye).  Each one is unique.

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Price: $64.95
    • BLACK
    • BLUE
    • RED
    • ORANGE
    • GREEN

    42" Length x 13 1/4" Height x 3 1/2" Width makes the Gold Ring case the smallest,
    easiest to handle hard case available. Two Gold Ring cases will easily fit inside most
    cases designed for modern compound hunting bows, with room to spare.

    Simple and durable latches keep the case secure, but are a snap to open and close.
    Just flip them up to open and press on the flag to close.

    Holders designed specifically for the Genesis 1820 Arrow shafts keep your arrows safe
    and organized, while loading and unloading easily, without excessive pressure. The arrow
    holders are ready to use. Nothing to assemble. There is also a convenient holder to store
    your limb bolt wrench at Holders designed specifically for the Genesis the top of each
    arrow holder.

    Two lock tabs are provided for extra protection. When loading your bow onto a team bus
    or van, wire ties or even small pad locks placed through the lock tabs, are a great way to
    make sure your case is secure and un-tampered with until you're ready to shoot.

    The tough plastic shell makes it extremely durable and resistant to crushing or impact.
    The textured surface does not scratch or mar easily, and a strong integrally formed
    handle is easy for even small hands to grip.

    Unlike some cases which have a single wimpy thin flat foam sheet, egg crate foam liners
    in both top and bottom conform to your bow, keeping it safe from unexpected snags, and
    impacts. There is no need for tie down straps like those found on cheaper generic cases.